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Shawn Davis


A teacher, coach, youth leader, husband, father, and former young person, I am passionate about giving young people the tools they need to figure out who they are and what they should do with their lives. I enjoy spending time with my family, flyfishing, birding, and fixing things.

I've never been a fast reader, so I try to make sure anything I read is worth the reading. That leads me to the classics, science, philosophy, and memoirs of adventurous people. I want to know the deeper truths of our world and whether there is an underlying purpose to our existence. Everything I write for others begins as something I write for myself. My goal in writing, whether non-fiction or fiction, is to present my readers with novel ways of looking at things, with truths they may not yet have considered. After all, if there is nothing new in what I write, or if it's untrue, then I either waste my readers' time or, worse, I deceive them. I write for readers who like to wrestle, for those willing to have their noses bloodied to come away with something meaningful. Are you up to the task?

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