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The Talk

A Young Person's Guide to Life's Big Questions

Who are you? Why do you do the things you do? What should you do with your life? Have you figured it out? Have you figured out how to figure it out? That’s what this book is for.


I could give you my credentials—teacher, coach, youth leader, husband, father, former young person—but don’t trust me because of my credentials. In fact, don’t trust me at all. Who I am doesn’t matter; this is about you.


Are you made for more than to be entertained? Do you act on your whims or in response to a calling? Do you take good risks? What are you prepared to suffer for them? Are you ready for manhood or womanhood? For parenthood? Are you prepared for the realities of education and work? The world is coming. Will you meet it with a strong identity or in a state of confusion?


The Talk awaits. How will you answer? It’s up to you.

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A Guide to Action

A supplement to The Talk

The Talk is over. Now is the time for action.

But what action should you take?


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