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Shawn Davis

First-time Author (zero awards)

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There is no cheating life’s big questions. You cannot avoid them, and no one can answer them for you.

- The Talk

New Release

The Talk

Who are you?
Why do you do the things you do?
What should you do with your life?

Have you figured it out?
Have you figured out how to figure it out?
That’s what this book is for.


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New Release

A Guide to Action

A supplement to The Talk

The Talk is over. Now is the time for action.

But what action should you take?


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The Talk isn’t just for kids starting to grow up—it’s for anyone that is questioning what their purpose on earth is. In some chapters I found myself in complete agreement with Shawn and in others I was shocked to hear his take, but both affirmed what my OWN values are in life and that is what I think the purpose of The Talk is. These highs and lows really tested my understanding of myself and I will definitely keep this on my shelf for moments when I’m struggling with why I bother doing anything!

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Praise & Reviews

Although this book is suggested for younger readers than myself, it is a very good read for older audiences. I am in my late 40s and found myself multiple times thinking, "that is so true", "wow, that is just how I think", "I really need to slow down appreciate things more", etc. Not only does this book give really good life lessons, it reminds us of how lucky we are to have what we do, even if it is not much. This is a very well written book by a very thoughtful author and will definitely have you looking at life differently during and after reading it.

5 stars.png

The Talk is not just a book for high school students only, it is much more than that. Shawn Davis has written with clarity and beauty about the important questions we all are faced with in this life. Each chapter can stand alone but the answers to the question what are you going to do with your life are deep and well thought out. This book could become a good reference to be used in high school.

5 stars.png

Excellent book. Well written and with a lot of wisdom. It is targeted to a young audience but I am on my second reading and I happen to be in my seventies. I will be looking forward to your second book.

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As a high school teacher, I am trying to get students to become responsible young adults. I would encourage my students to read this book and make them question what kind of person they want to be. Shawn Davis wrote an excellent book that reads like you’re having a conversation.

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I'd dare to recommend The Talk not only to those who are already aware that they are navigating difficult waters without a compass but as a little present to leave on the night table of a young guy or girl who follows the crowd unaware that conscious living is not only possible but ultimately necessary for a good life.

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Upcoming Appearances

Right now I'm only booked at my home, with my family.

If you would like to change that, contact me at


About Shawn

A teacher, coach, youth leader, husband, father, and former young person, Shawn is passionate about giving young people the tools they need to figure out who they are and what they should do with their lives.

He enjoys spending time with his family, flyfishing, birding, and fixing things.

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